Manhattan Life Building, New York


Manhattan is the most popular boroughs in New York. It is known that anyone who lives in certain parts of Manhattan (especially in the Upper East Side, Carnegie Hall, Soho, Tribeca, Lincoln Square, East Midtown, Tribeca or West Village ) is wealthy because of the high rent cost and sanitary areas. Much like before, living in Manhattan during the 1900s was a privilege. Only those of high wealth and social class were able to afford to live in these areas. Lower class (minorities) never had enough money to afford to live in these areas because of the limited work opportunities. In addition, working in Manhattan during the 1900s ( as a doctor, lawyer, businessman) also meant that a person was wealthy.

When Irene was having her conversations with Bellew, she told him that her husband was a doctor and worked in Manhattan. As it is seen hear, Irene husband is indeed white and his occupation is a doctor. Brian was earning a high income because he was a doctor and of course white.



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