Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park, by Jens Jensen, Architect, American, 1860-1951, (architect)

According to Keith A. Erekson’s article, Losing Lincoln: A Call to Commemorative Action, he states Lincoln’s problems and achievements as president. Erekson also mentions how several US states were referred to as “Lincoln States.” These states were Kentucky (where Abraham Lincoln was from), Indiana, Illinois, and Washington D.C. The picture above is a photograph taken by Elizabeth Barlow Rogers and its a picture of Lincoln Park. After Lincoln’s death, many statues and parks were named after him in remembrance.

Lincoln Park was Lincoln Park was one of the few places Larsen states in her novel. Lincoln Park was mentioned by Irene after she heard some rumors about Clare. Irene described how Clare was in a limousine, with a rich, white man in Lincoln Park. This man was clearly from the upper-class driving around in a limo.

As for Clare, she had to pass as white in order to be in a car with such a wealthy, white individual. Clare always had to conform to the societal norm in order to have more privileges. Being in the upper class was nothing compared to being in the lower class, and Clare knew that. If Clare told the wealthy man about her true racial identity, he most likely would have left her alone. This is constantly seen throughout the novel, how Clare had to constantly choose which side she was going for. The majority of the time it was for the upper-class identity.



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Rogers, Elizabeth Barlow, and Jens Jensen. Lincoln Park. Chicago, Illinois, United States, 20AD. Jens Jensen, Architect, American, 1860-1951, (architect)