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Marriage was introduced during ancient times between 1250-1300 CE. During this time marriages were used to create alliances between families. Marriages were mostly arranged without any love being apart is, just the benefit of finances.On January 1, 1976 there was a law passed which gave married men the status of being in charge of the family. This mean that wives were to abide by what their husband demands without having an input. Soon there was a new section referred to as civil code 89 which put into play different roles between spouses “Both spouses were equally bound to conjugal duty, fidelity and decent behavior towards each other. The personal rights and duties of the spouses in relation to each other are equal as far as this part of the civil code.” (242) This quote shows how the roles between spouses change over time. In today’s generation wives are just as likely to be in charge of the family as men are. Women are also allowed to pick their husband in some cultures unlike before. Today, people get married for many different reasons, it can be for legal reasons, social reasons, religious, financial, cultural and spiritual reasons. In Mrs. Dalloway Lucrezia married septimus because she truly loved him, she moved away from Milan to be with septimus and marry him, but she had to live with it.



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