General Research Division, The New York Public Library. “Carnivores Chien de Poméranie.” The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1824.

“I hate dogs‘ I said …’I don’t know what’ll become of you if you go on like that’ Hester said. ‘Let me tell you that. People won’t like you. People in England will dislike you very much if you say things like that’ ‘I don’t care,’ I said. But I began to repeat the multiplication-table because I was afraid I was going to cry” (71)

This comment shows that Anna declares to Hester she is not fond of dogs. However, when Hester stated that to people of England would not like her if they ever hear as such a take, this seems hurt Anna deeply. Despite Anna confirming to Hester that did not bother her, she thought about crying afterward as the opinion the English people have on her gravely affects her thoughts and people. As Anna holds a higher value on the way that Londoners views, she carefully thinks twice about what she has said. Below I placed a YouTube by Trend Max called, “The Most Famous Dogs in History,” talks about well-known fame dogs in history that have significant things for their owners and the world.

As this video shows, every dog that had been mention play a significant role amongst their owners and historical event. This could have been the possibility as to why Hester notified Anna that the people of England would dislike her if they heard her say that she did not like dogs. Besides the aspects that people might like dogs, many people view them as a loyal and helpful creature that can help people in different ways. In addition, dogs are even skillful enough to be in the take care of sick people, people with disabilities, and be in the police force. Dogs can also take care of police cases regarding drugs, missing person and much more.