Clare Savage’s search for her own identity has proven to be a difficult journey. Part of what contributed to Clare’s struggle is her unconscious desire to live up to her parents, especially her mothers, expectations. Clare is seen questioning if her actions and personal decisions satisfy the moral standards of her mother. Despite being deceased, Clare still longs for her mother’s approval of her actions.  

A mother or fathers approval has always been something that children strive for. This desire for acceptance can become a source of motivation for the children to do what’s best in the interest of their parents. However, in the video below, Shefali Tsabary argues that having a child who constantly seeks parental approval bars the child from developing proper decision making skills.

The video above makes note that many parents depend on having their children seek their approval, a common parenting technique. Shefali Tsabary explains that the danger in having children who are constantly seeking parental approval is that they may become unaware of the world that is around them. Essentially, the child who is dependent on approval lacks the ability to make choices and to distinguish between a good and bad choice. As a result, a child may develop questions about who they are and what their purpose in life is, but will not know how to approach answering such questions.

These behaviors can be found in Clare’s character. By simply wondering if her mother would approve of her joining the militant group, shows that Clare herself is uncertain about her actions. The idea that she craved her mother’s approval proves that Clare has difficulty with being confident in her choices.

Clare’s inability to be confident in her decision impacts her experience while in Jamaica. Although she was not forced into joining the militant group, she wonder is her choice would uphold to her deceased mother’s moral standard.


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