A brougham was a horse-drawn carriage that had a roof, four wheels, and an open driver seat in the front. It was used in the 1900’s by butlers who worked in high class families in order to take them to places.

In the novella, when Lizzie returns home from the hotel fire she finds that her husband is not home and so she continues to fear being caught.

“What a baby you are to have stayed out so long, staring at smoke and fire-engine!” He smilied, still holding her, and passing his gaunt hand softly and wistfully over her head. “Oh, don’t worry, I’ve been indoors, safley sheltered, and drinking old Mrs.Parrett’s punch. The old lady saw me from across the street to fetch me in. They ad just finished a family luncheon. And Sillerton Jackson, who was there drove me home. So you see,–” He released her, and moved toward the fire, and she stood motionless, staring blindly ahead, while the thoughts spun through her mind like a mill-race. “Sillerton Jackson–” she echoes, without in the least knowing what she said. “Yes; he has the gout again–luckily for me!–and his sister’s brougham came to the Parrett’s to fetch him.” She collected herself. “You’re coughing more than you did yesterday,” she accused him. “Oh, well–the air’s sharpish. But I shall be all right presently .. Oh, those roses!” He paused in admiration before his writing-table.”

Mr. Hazeldean is brought back home by Sillerton Jackson in his brougham. Having a brougham and a driver showed the high class of a family in an old New York. Also, this showed Mr. Hazeldean’s high status and that he would socialize with people of a high status.

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