Scene from Mrs. Dalloway

In this scene, Rezia and Septimus are in Regents Park. Dr. Holmes told Rezia to help Septimus admire the beauty of the outside world and take an interest in it. However, with the sound of an airplane above them advertising toffee, Septimus is bombarded by the ups and downs of the different things in his sight; “The Elm Street is rising and falling, the leaves and the color is thinning and thickening and the feathers on the ladies that rose and fell“ (Woolf 32). In other words, he is looking at objects in front of him in a negative manner and not admiring the greatness of the outside world. Therefore, Rezia decides to take a walk because she is noticing that Dr. Holmes is saying that there’s nothing wrong with her husband; however, she is noticing a change in his behavior. Moreover, she thinks that his emotions and perseverance is dead; stating, “far rather would she that he were dead!” (33). As a result, she now felt lonely because Septimus was physically there, but psychologically he was not responsive to the beauty and admiration such as the sky, nature or the children. Rezia says that she felt distanced from her husband and she can Only tell her mother what the reason for Septimus strange behavior is because “Septimus has been working too hard.” Rezia knew something was wrong and she knew Septimus was no longer himself ever since he came back from the war.