Christopher Columbus

Title: Portrait of a Man, Said to be Christopher Columbus (born about 1446, died 1506) Publication Date: 1519 Uploaded by: Jeff Kaplan Source: Internet Archive

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 and died in 1506. Columbus is considered to be ‘the principal European discoverer of America.” He was born in the Republic of Genoa. Nowadays, it is known as present day Northwestern Italy. Columbus began and learned to sail at an early age. Through sailing, he was employed as a “business agent”, and traveled across all of early Europe, and Africa. He was a passionate learner because he self-taught himself Astronomy, Science, Navigation. Columbus was multilingual because he was capable of speaking Latin, Portuguese, and Spanish. To fund his journey to the “Americas”, Columbus asked the Catholic Monarchs of Spain promising to spread Christianity. The monarchs agreed and funded his journey. His first voyage was in 1492. Throughout his life he made four voyages across the Caribbean Islands of Cuba, Jamaica, and the Bahamas as well as Panama. In the year 1500, Columbus was arrested by the monarchy of Spain. He was charged with “incompetence, misrule, and barbaric practices” within the colonies. Near the end of his life, Columbus became religious and died in 1506 by a heart attack. He was only fifty-four years old.

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