Harriet has taken the time to educate herself not only on traditional medicinal practices and medical schooling but also in the ways of her people. The teachings and practices of older women who worked the land and knew the different abilities of these roots and herbs. These women were typically known as Obeah Woman or healers in their communities. The spells done by these women were done to benefit someone not only in matters of health but also in romantic and financial matters, sometimes through the assistance of spirits and deity’s. Through particular sacrifices, rituals, and rites, can one learn the ways of an Obeah woman ensuring that their knowledge and skills do not become too open to the public sphere. Spells are typically a series of words that’re chanted, spoken, sung, or expressed in one way or another to get a certain result. Many incantations used were to invoke the power of certain deities or spirits so that they may be channeled through the practitioner in order to do certain feats and get certain results