“I am going to hear the free music in the park tonight,”She laughed to herself, with the pleasure before her,”and these pink roses on my hat to match out my pink calico will make me look just like the picture on the magazine cover”(3)

Often when you don’t have money to spare on social actives or you’re on a strict budget, a free concert  with music and dancing in the public park can be a night out to enjoy yourself, to forget your stress and worries and be just like every one else even if for one night. The parks in the Lower East Side of Manhattan  do often have free activities for the people of the community today. In the Bread Giver  Marshah did not have money to spear but she decided to get dressed up and go out for a good time at the park were she did not need to spend any money. Corinna k. Lee wrote a scholarly sources paper on Michael Gold’s novel Jews Without Money based on the East Side Jewish Neighborhood and their struggles of having no money  and the elements that affect their lives such as politics, economics condition and religious ideals. This link takes you to a site of free activities you and your family can do today in Hester Street Park in Manhattan.


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