Pushcart Peddlers

“Louder than all the pushcart peddlers, louder than all the hollering noises of bargaining and selling,I cried out my herring with all the burning fire of my ten old years. So loud was my yelling, for my little size,that people stopped to look at me. And more came to see what the others were looking at.”

In most  immigrant communities  where people struggles financially to accomplish their dreams selling on the street corner on  pushcart peddlers were a start and very common,  some pushcarts are still used today at Grand Central Station and some malls around the country to name a few. The history of pushcarts peddlers contribution in New York city as an important part of the city financial growth, to understand its importance I refer to an article The  Metropolis of Ghettos written by  Herscher, Uri D. The Journal of Ethnic Studies. Mr. Herscher Highlights the issues European Jews faced after leaving their home country, migrated to the United States of America and became a part of the economic structure to fulfill their dreams of a better life. The novel Bread Givers tells us  how everyday life on Hester Street was linked to pushcart peddlers who did transaction by buying and selling. This linked is a historical account of Jewish people their connection with the pushcarts introduction into society and the importance of the pushcart peddlers contributions to  New York City as we know today.http://strangeside.com/new-york-pushcarts-and-peddlars/

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