“On the corner of the most crowded part of Hester Street I stood myself with my pail of herring.“Herring! Herring! A bargain in the world! Pick them out yourself. Two cents apiece.” My voice was like dynamite.Louder than all the pushcart peddlers,” (21)

In Anzia Yezierska ‘s novel Sara who was only ten years old wanted to help her parents out financially, her family were in serious finical trouble, they had no money to buy food or pay the rent. There are many families who are in the same financial situation and unfortunately  sometimes children contribute to the family unit at a cost to themselves by working instead of going to school, sometimes they have to stop going to school and earn money or help out by taking care of  their smaller siblings. Some countries around the world  are trying to stop child labor by creating laws to stop this practice. The united States also have laws in place to protect children from child labor. Even so you can still see children on the subway selling candies or dancing on the trains for money. This link takes you pictures of Hester Street Corner.

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