• “What I liked was watching her eat mangoes. Her teeth would bite into the mango and her lips fasten on either side if it, and while she sucked you saw that she was perfectly happy” (Rhys,67).


Mango Tree (‘Mangifera Indica’) L.(Anacardiaceae). From an album of 40 drawings of plants made by Chinese artists at Bencoolen, Sumatra, for Sir Stamford Raffles. Watercolour. Originally published/produced in c.1824.


What I interpreted from this quote is that Anna began to really feel home sick at this point. She shows you exactly how much she payed attention to Francine. She payed close attention to the way Francine ate. She established this moment as what she believed to be a happy moment. To show when she and both Francine both felt their happiest. Her discussing the way Francine ate the mango made me wonder the variety ways of how people ear mangoes.

Below is a video of the different ways people eat of cut mangoes: