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George Arents Collection, The New York Public Library. “Grammar School, Shrewsbury.” The New York Public Library Digital Collections.

“And when I wrote and asked your uncle to help to keep you at school for a year because you ought to have some sort of decent education if you were going to earn your living and a term wasn’t long enough to make any impression or do any real good…” (63).

This quote states that Hester explains to Anna how she requested money for Anna’s uncle as that Anna extended her education. Also, Hester mentions to Anna how she would like for her to continue going to school and be knowledgeable in any skills so that she would not to struggle with life. When Anna first came to London as she becomes although specific circumstance had occurred where Anna is not able to obtain her position anymore. Before Anna stops working, that was the only time when Anna acquires money for herself. Through Anna people would always be providing for her and because Hester was not fond of the way Anna grew up, she would provide living comprehensive and school bills for Anna to become the best person that she would be. Unfortunately, Anna does not return to school, and she lived off of Hester and Walter’s money and until was presented with another job.  Below, I placed a YouTube by The British Library called, “Gender in 19th Century Britain,” which demonstrate the types of things that women in England would learn for herself and to be suitable for men to marry.

This video displays the various numbers of things that a woman would have to learn into order to maintain the image of being smart but not too bright and look as pretty as possible for men. The main that a woman works too hard was because they wanted a man to marry them.  Even though women did not receive a proper education as men did, it was still encouraging that a woman would be knowledgeable in a various amount of skills that could benefit them in the future.