Geranium Red

Geranium Red is a very vibrant color. It comes up in Passing when Irene is looking at Clare’s lips. The color is important and how the color is represented is important. In 1920, to have high quality makeup such as lipstick, was expensive but also what some people wanted and could afford. It’s important to note that Geranium is also a flower. Larsen uses flowers throughout the novel. She’s basically using flowers to talk about Irene and Clare’s secret love affair, it’s like a flower that needs to bloom, or like a dead flower since it never happens. However, the color red on Clare’s lips is a clear indication that Irene wanted Clare as a romantic partner. She pays very close attention to her lips and calls her mouth tempting. Geranium Red is an important color in the book and is a historic flower.

(A Geranium Flower)

(A video of Geranium Flowers. It’s also showcasing the color Geranium Red)


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