Page 237: “A generation later, people would have said, in reporting an affair such as Lizzie Hazeldean’s with Henry Prest”

Page 239: “As for old Sillerton Jackson, who, once a social custom had dropped into disuse, always affected never to have observed it, he stoutly maintained that the New Year’s Day ceremonial had been taken seriously except among families of Dutch descent, and that that was why Mrs. Henry van der Luyden had clung to it, in a reluctant half-apologetic way, long after her friends had closed their doors on the first of January, and the date had been chosen for those out-of-town parties which are so often used as a pretext for absence when the unfashionable are celebrating their rites.”

Page 243: “Lizzie Hazeldean? Running out of the Fifth Avenue Hotel on New Year’s Day with all those dressed-up women? But what on earth could she have been doing there? No; nonsense! It was impossible . . . There’s Henry Prest with her,” continued Aunt Sabina in a precipitate whisper. “With her?” someone gasped … the men of the family said nothing, but I saw Hubert Wesson’s face crimson with surprise.”