To love makes one solitary

A soldier, his wife and four children pose in their garden for a family portrait.

A family was important; especially if they stuck together and tried to help one another. Readers noticed, Lucrezia as someone who values family and valued her husband; as Woolf demonstrated earlier, “Lucrezia Warren Smith, sitting by her husband’s side,”(Woolf 31) and now she is thinking “To love makes one solitary, she thought” (Woolf 33). Rezia knows that Septimus is not himself and she feels lonely because Septimus disconnects from reality. Rezia is trying to abide by the suggestions Dr. Holmes gave; to “take Septimus outside so he can find an interest in other things outside from himself,”(Hyperlink: include videos of how doctors and clinical professionals tried to help their patients recover from Shell Shock by allowing them to walk on the street and have them connect with the outside world around them.) however, she is feeling more separated from Septimus because she is being bothered that Septimus is not noticing her. Her feelings of irritation are expresses, “I am going to take a walk to the fountain and back” (Woolf 33). From the language of this quote, “going for a walk” is the solution of de-stressing or moving away from a situation to ease your mind from those thoughts. According to the International Behaviour and Social Science Library, this novel says, “In some families there was a sharp division of labour between husband and wife in which he had his tasks and she had hers; In other families the husband and wife shared many activities and interests, spent much of their time together, and had a less rigid division of labour in household tasks” (3). As it relates, Rezia took an interested to spend more time with her husband and to follow the suggestions of Dr. Holmes by having Septimus be outside in Regents Park.

Family and Social Network

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