Throughout the book, Clare is struggling to find her identity. In a country like Jamaica, your skin color and class is almost like a currency, it should be able to afford you some type a leisure not given to the people of a poorer and darker class. In this quote, Clare is visiting her aunt and uncle and see these children from Wortley House. Wortley House is an orphanage that was founded in 1918 and is still in existence even though it’s only for girls now. She see these children and is confused with why they aren’t wanted even though they are light and quiet. She describes the time when her family is leaving Jamaica and they drive past the “The Dungle”, a run down part of Jamaica , and saw all the little brown kids who were dirty and unwanted. Clare was younger than but she can recognize. The difference in her emotions from when she sees kids from the Dungle vs. the kids from Wortley house. When she sees the children in the Dungle, she felt ashamed, but seeing the children from Wortley House made her feel startled, taken aback. Even through Clare’s journey of self- identification, she hadn’t really thought about her own prejudiced thoughts about race and skin color until she was faced with something she couldn’t understand.